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“I came to Greece to escape imprisonment in Iran – but now I realise that Europe is worse”

The Independent spoke to Arash Hampay about his hunger strike in Lesvos:

I am used to having my human rights trampled on. I have been tortured by police in jails from Tehran to Istanbul. But the treatment like we are experiencing here at the hands of the European Union has left me shocked. In fact, as hunger strikers, we could access medical care in Iran that has been denied to us by the Greek authorities. Continue reading “I came to Greece to escape imprisonment in Iran – but now I realise that Europe is worse”

Turks lash out in second summer of hate against Syrian refugees

Turkish military deaths in Syria and images of Syrians returning to their homeland for Eid spark violence and intimidation in Turkey

Via Middle East Eye – A hot summer has brought tempers to boiling point in Turkey, as hatred against its 2.9 million Syrian refugees spikes with Twitter campaigns, violence and even government ministers lashing out at their guests.

Sea-Watch on the hungerstrike in Moria, Lesvos

The German based organization Sea-Watch, who run a civil rescue ship off Libya to rescue migrants from unseaworthy boats, started a observation mission in the Aegean from which they are reporting on the hunger strike in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos. They interviewed Arash Hampay, the brother of Amir who is detained in Moria awaiting his deportation to Turkey, which they together with three others are protesting against.

Hungerstreik in Camp Moria

Die Crew unserer Beobachtermission berichtet aus dem Moria Refugee Camp, Lesbos/ Griechenland. Tag 8. Hungerstreik:Der iranische Aktivist Arash Hampay befindet sich seit acht Tagen im Hungerstreik. Er fordert die Freilassung aller willkürlich inhaftierten Flüchtenden aus Section B in Moria, die unschuldig und ohne Urteil festgehalten werden. "I AM HUMAN. MY LIFE HAS A VALUE" steht auf den Schildern der Männer, die den Hungerstreik als letztes Mittel sehen, Menschlichkeit einzufordern. Es geht um die simple Forderungen nach Grundrechten eines jeden Menschen und den Appell an die EU, willkürliche Inhaftierung von Flüchtenden zu stoppen.#MonitoringDirtyDeals***The crew of our observation mission reports from Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece.Day 8 of Hunger Strike:The Iranian activist Arash Hampay has been on hunger strike for eight days. He is demanding the release of all arbitrarily detained refugees and migrants from Section B in Moria, who are entirely innocent and being detained without charge. "I AM HUMAN. MY LIFE HAS A VALUE" read the signs of these men, who see the hunger strike as their last means of calling for humanity.These are simple demands for universal human rights and a call to the EU to stop the arbitrary detntion of refugees and migrants.#MonitoringDirtyDeals

Posted by Sea-Watch on Thursday, July 6, 2017


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