HarekAct is inviting you to contribute

HarekAct is a collective information platform to monitor, increase and share various developments and debates on migration, asylum and border issues connected to Turkey and its surroundings. Based on a network of researchers, activists, journalists and people on cross-border movement, it aims at providing a reliable and critical source that elaborates on struggles, practices and discussions of migration.

HarekAct is a collective project open to the contributions of other networks, activists, researchers, as well as the people with direct experiences within the global migration regime. We want to encourage the production of critical knowledge and the visibility of diverse perspectives, by opening up space and providing support to the authors. For expanding our reports, analyses and critiques, we are inviting you to send us your contributions to be published on our blog.

Let’s raise our voices beyond borders!

How and what to contribute?!

We are happy to publish a variety of material, including articles, interviews, essays, reviews or other relevant written text or media covering the issues HarekAct focuses on.

Your written text may be around 1000 to 2000 words long and can include other media such as photos, videos, or sound recordings. It is important that your contribution is based on reliable information, written through a genuine, critical or analytical perspective, and with a non-discriminatory language.

Contact us!

If you have an idea for a contribution, please write us an e-mail with a short summary (4-5 sentences) of what you are planning to cover and the format you are thinking about. Furthermore please write us a brief description of yourself (which will be published along with your contribution if you agree). You may also include links to your previous work, as well as why you would like to publish at HarekAct. Following your proposal, we will get back to you in order to support a quick and reviewed working process. After your contribution is published you would be entitled to a small amount of allowance.

We also invite you to send us content that has already been published elsewhere but is relevant to our above-described agenda. We are happy to re-publish and advertise it on our blog.

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