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HarekAct’s Weekly Digest 12/03/2019

Police used tear gas to disband migrants waiting at immigration office/// On people trying to reach Greek islands/// Poor reception conditions trigger returns in the context of EU-Turkey deal/// An official NGO has been set up in Turkey with the name ‘Syrians to Syria’/// New editorial features launched by Syrian independent media


source: sendika.org

Police fire tear gas on migrants waiting in front of Denizli immigration office: In the southwest city of Denizli, police reportedly used tear gas to disband a crowd who were waiting for their ID processing, scheduled for Monday morning (4 March). Dozens of migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Iran, had camped out on Sunday night in front of the Denizli migration management office to wait, and some were sleeping on the pavement when police intervened. See more here – 05/03/2019

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Istanbul’s African migrants looking to go pro in football

Daily Sabah reports on a newly established African football club in Avcılar district of Istanbul. Although the report fails to give valid sources on the intensity or the increase of the number of African migrants who live in Istanbul, we post a link to it in order to make the African football players in Istanbul visible.

Daily Sabah: Players train at a stadium in Istanbul’s Avcılar every week

Via Daily Sabah

Konviction Rüya Spor, made up of amateur African players living in Istanbul, aims to be first professional football club of its kind after getting their license from Turkish officials. If approved, it will revive hopes for players who had originally come to Turkey to play in professional leagues.

This article was originally published by Daily Sabah

HarekAct @ Hamisden Sesler, Açık Radyo

On 26th of November, HarekAct was invited to Istanbul’s Açık Radyo (Open Radio) program called Hamişden Sesler (Voices from Hamisch), a unique and outstanding radio program wich aims to spread “voices from exile on Syria and Syrians”.

Our member Pelin had the chance to explain how our blog was established, what are the topics that we have been covering, and our intentions to archive, monitor and incorporate more contributions to the blog in order to build a collection of critical and analytical literature on the issue of migration and border regime in and around Turkey.

The interview moved forward from explaining our name HarekAct, as a conjugation of “movement” and “action” that hints at the very basic element of freedom of movement and the related struggles as opposed to the regime that represents migration as a ‘crisis’; to informing on other bordermonitoring projects and groups within the bordermonitoring platform.

Furthermore Pelin elaborated on the role of editors, as well as her own motives of being a part of the board. Therefore she summarized the main function of the blog as “a space despite borders where people who want to raise their voices and discuss their struggles can find a place for themselves, particularly at these times when many are displaced and left without place”. Finally, she briefed on the latest issues covered by the Harekact posts and invited the audience to follow and join to us.

The full program can be listened through the Açık Radyo podcast in Turkish.


How Syrian artists are livening up Turkey’s art scene

Via Al-Monitor Syrian artists who have come to Turkey found it difficult to find platforms to showcase their work, but this may be changing slowly. The drawing of a stylized lion’s head dominates the small booth reserved for Arthere — a collective of Turkish and Syrian artists — at Contemporary Istanbul, the city’s huge art fair that brings together dozens of galleries from New York to Tehran to Istanbul every September.

This article was originally published by Al-Monitor.