What do we want to achieve
with this blog?

We aim to contribute to a critical and analytical knowledge production concerning the question of migration in general, with a focus on the case of Turkey in particular. Hence, this blog should serve as a collective platform to monitor, increase and share various debates and information on migration, asylum and border issues primarily in Turkey, and secondarily on the general European context as far as it is connected to Turkey. Thus, by creating a network among researchers, activists, journalists and other people who are involved in these issues, we aim to provide an accessible, reliable and critical source that elaborates on struggles, practices and discussions of migration related to Turkey.

What is our background and who are our partners involved in the project?

This blog is initiated by a network of researchers, activists and artists from Turkey, Austria and Germany and it keeps a close contact with certain groups and organizations in the migration field such as kritnet (Network for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies), GAR (Migration Researchers’ Platform), Mülteci-Der, borderline-europe, and bordermonitoring.eu. HarekAct is a blog-collective and thereby represents different views and perspectives.

Who do we want to address?

The texts published in this blog could reach whoever is concerned with migration, asylum and border issues in and around Turkey, most particularly migrants, activists, researchers, NGOs as well as journalists and a broad public interested in the issue of critically observing, questioning and altering the current migration regime.

What are our common values?

Any text, (or comment) involved in this blog should commit to using a non-discriminatory, non-sexist, and anti-racist language, and to providing reliable information and critical analyses.

HarekAct serves as an information and opinion platform, therefore views and opinions expressed in the articles published on HarekAct are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of all editorial board members.

What texts do we publish?

Both academic and non-academic texts, research or opinion pieces, policy briefs, news on current events and reports from the field that are short, concise and supported with reliable information. Furthermore, we will provide internet links to other platforms having similar perspectives.

HarekAct is run in cooperation with the German-based
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Reporting on the Turkish-EU Border Regime