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101 migrants were stopped in the Aegean Sea

Via Akşam (link in Turkish) – 101 foreign people were caught in Izmir’s Dikili and Çeşme districts, while they were trying to cross into Greece.

The coast guards stopped a boat, which was detected in the district of Dikili. 71 people, including 65 Syrian and 6 Afghan nationals, were caught. Then, the coast guards moved to the Çeşme district on the notice that a group of irregular migrants was about to cross into Greece. The guard caught 30 of the Syrians who were in the boat. Continue reading 101 migrants were stopped in the Aegean Sea

Athens to propose transfer of migrants to Ankara

Via Ekathimerini – In a bid to reduce overcrowding at migrant reception centers on the Aegean islands, the government is to propose to Turkey that asylum seekers who are not high on the list of eligibility for protection be transferred to camps on the mainland and subsequently to Turkey, Kathimerini understands.

“We are asking that we be allowed to conduct returns either directly from the islands or from the mainland in the context of the EU-Turkey joint statement,” a government official told Kathimerini, referring to a deal between Brussels and Ankara signed in March 2016 aimed at curbing migrant smuggling across the Aegean. Continue reading Athens to propose transfer of migrants to Ankara

EU contracted entire amount of humanitarian aid: EU ambassador

Via Hurriyet Daily News (Article from 27th December 17) – The European Union has finished contracting three billion Euros that will be used for Syrian refugees in Turkey, the head of the EU delegation in Ankara has announced, informing that all these funds will be distributed under 72 separate projects.

“Yesterday we signed the very last contract with the KfW which means that now the entire amount of three billion euros we offered in 2016 are now contracted, legally bound and being implemented,” Ambassador Christian Berger told reporters on Dec. 27.

Continue reading EU contracted entire amount of humanitarian aid: EU ambassador

Refugees in Greece reflect on another year of waiting

Via Aljazeera  Closed borders, racism, xenophobic attacks, rejected asylum applications, poverty and lengthy waits. These experiences are what many refugees and migrants in Greece say defined 2017 for them. More than 60,000 refugees and migrants are trapped in Greece due to sealed borders across the so-called Balkan route and the March 2016 deal between Turkey and the European Union, which was sculpted to stem the flow of displaced people to Europe.  Continue reading Refugees in Greece reflect on another year of waiting

Information on what to do in case of Interceptions or Readmission/ Deportation to Turkey

Welcome2Europe updated their information on Turkey and added information for migrants who have been intercepted back to Turkey at sea or land and for those who have been readmitted/deported to Turkey from Greece.

For now the information are available in English. Arabic, Farsi and French will follow soon.

Click here for the PDF version

On the Situation in Moria, Lesvos – Open the Islands

OpenTheIslands video on the unbearable situation in the EU-hotspot Moria on Lesvos. Winter is approaching and thousands of refugees are still trapped in the horrible conditions of Moria

#opentheislands NOW!

Watch, Share, Act!Winter is here… and still thousands of refugees are trapped in the horrible conditions of Moria camp Lesvos.

Posted by Opentheislands on Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

Unrealisable promises? #OpenTheIslands Lesvos Update (11.12.2017)

OpenTheIslands Network – The situation for refugees in Lesvos remains critical. As weather conditions worsen and winter approaches, Moria camp still ‘houses’ three times more people than capacity allows. With a capacity of around 2300 people, Moria camp now has almost 7000 people inside. From the promised 5000 transfers to the mainland until December 15th only a few hundred actually happened so far. If and how it will be possible to transfer several thousand people in the next five days is a questions yet to be answered.IMG-20171127-WA0008 Continue reading Unrealisable promises? #OpenTheIslands Lesvos Update (11.12.2017)

Amnesty: Doors should be opened to refugees held on the islands

Via Evrensel (Report in Turkish) – Amnesty International launched a campaign to end the refugee policy that holds refugees on the Greek islands. Because of the “Readmission Agreement” signed between the European Union and Turkey, the refugees who have been kept on Greek islands since 20 months and have not been given any permission to cross into mainland Greece, are trying to shelter in tents. They are exposed to the hardship when it comes to accessing basic needs such as clean water and health care services. Amnesty International Refugee Rights Coordinator Volkan Görendağ  states that Amnesty International is launching a campaign to make the Greek government end its policy on the islands and allow asylum seekers to move to mainland Greece.