50% of Turkish-Syrian border wall completed according to TOKI

Star (link in Turkish) – The Public Administration of Social Housing (TOKİ), which is attached to the prime minister office, declared that 50 % of the wall that is being constructed along the Turkish-Syrian border is completed.

In total the wall will be 511 km long: Of these, 97 km in the province of Hatay; 67 km in Kilis; 38,10 km in Gaziantep; 194 km in Şanlıurfa; 66 km in Mardin and 47 km in Şırnak.

According to the head of TOKI “We are building a total of 4 meters high, 511 thousand 794 meters long walls, roads and various numbers of watchtowers, access gates and electrical infrastructure on 6 provincial borders within the framework of the protocol we have made with the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Finance. The construction of a 290-kilometer long wall in the provinces of Mardin and Şırnak is completed, and the construction works for the rest of the 221-kilometer section are continuing and will be completed as soon as possible. “

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