Two refugees attempted to swim to Chios

via (translation from Greek) – In a nine hours long action two people from Algeria swam from Cesme to direction Chios, until the Hellenic Coast Guard spotted them and picked them up. Two two showed signs of fatique and hypothermia, so they were immediately brought to a hospital, where they were being treated. The two could not afford to pay for the crossing by rubber boat, so they decided to swim. Continue reading Two refugees attempted to swim to Chios

Search and rescue operation for three refugees who allegedly tried to reach Chios swimming

Via Era-Aegean (Translated from Greek) – On Monday evening, the Greek coast guards were engaged in an operation to search and rescue three refugees who allegedly tried to swim from the Turkish shores to the island of Chios. The rescue operation took place close to the island Paspargos and Karfas. A helicopter was involved but the rescue operation remained without success. The three people could not be found.

The Greek authorities informed the Turkish Coast Guards regarding the three refugees, so that the latter proceeds to similar operations in the Turkish territorial waters.