Mouzalas says situation on Chios has reached breaking point

via Ekathimerini – Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas said on Friday that the situation at migrant camps in Chios has reached breaking point. Speaking to Parliament in the aftermath of a suicide attempt of migrant that set himself on fire, Mouzalas said “the situation on Chios is exceeding its limits.”

The best way, he said, for the asylum application process to move faster and for returns to Turkey to increase is through the creation of  “closed” reception centers, which, however, the ruling SYRIZA party denounced when it was in opposition. Continue reading Mouzalas says situation on Chios has reached breaking point

Chios: Syrian refugee critical after ‘self-immolation’

Via AlJazeera – A Syrian refugee is in critical condition after what appeared to be a self-immolation attempt on the Greek island of Chios, according to medical sources.

The incident happened around 2pm local time on Thursday inside the Vial detention centre. Videos posted on social media showed the 29-year-old man – who was holding what looked like a fuel container and a lighter – being engulfed by flames, just moments after a tussle with a police officer who had grabbed him from behind in an apparent bid to stop him from setting himself on fire. Continue reading Chios: Syrian refugee critical after ‘self-immolation’

UN: Number of Syrian refugees passes five million

Via AlJazeera – UN report says Turkey now hosts nearly three million Syrians, with 47,000 more coming since February alone. The first three months of 2017 saw more than 250,000 additional Syrians register as refugees bringing the total to 5.1 million, the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR said on its website, without providing an explanation for the apparent surge.

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Ten Syrians Returned to Turkey From Greece Under EU-Turkey Deal

Via Greekreporter – Ten Syrians were returned to Adana, Turkey on a flight from Greece on Wednesday, in accordance with the EU-Turkey Statement on migration. The group included five men, one woman and four children.

One individual in the group had been denied asylum at first instance, eight had given up their right to await the outcome of their asylum applications and one revoked his intent to request asylum. Continue reading Ten Syrians Returned to Turkey From Greece Under EU-Turkey Deal

Two refugees attempted to swim to Chios

via (translation from Greek) – In a nine hours long action two people from Algeria swam from Cesme to direction Chios, until the Hellenic Coast Guard spotted them and picked them up. Two two showed signs of fatique and hypothermia, so they were immediately brought to a hospital, where they were being treated. The two could not afford to pay for the crossing by rubber boat, so they decided to swim. Continue reading Two refugees attempted to swim to Chios

Turkish asylum requests on the rise

Via Ekathimerini – An increasing number of Turkish nationals have been finding their way to Greece since the failed coup attempt in the neighboring country and the mass purges that followed. More specifically, 236 Turks requested political asylum in Greece from last July until February. According to official data from the Asylum Service seen by Kathimerini, the rising trend in the number of requests was already discernible by early 2016.

From the beginning of 2016 until the eve of the coup attempt in July, 51 Turks had requested asylum in Greece, while there were 43 requests in 2015 and 41 in 2014. In 2103, there were just 17 requests.

Five children among 11 Syrians killed as boat sinks off Turkey

Via LBC Europe – Five children were among 11 Syrians killed after their plastic boat sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast on Friday, the Dogan news agency said, the first such reported incident in months on an illegal migrant route meant to have been all but shut down.

Television footage showed rescue workers standing next to bodies washed up on a beach near the coastal town of Kusadasi. The boat, believed to have been carrying 22 Syrian migrants, had been heading for Greece. A baby in a critical condition was among the 11 people rescued alive, Dogan quoted district governor Muammer Aksoy as saying. He said 11 bodies had been recovered. Continue reading Five children among 11 Syrians killed as boat sinks off Turkey

Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee

Via New York Times – Patrick Kingsley reports on the State of Emergency in Turkey and how people are dealing with hard times in a nation strained by war, terrorist insurgencies, a refugee crisis and a widening crackdown on dissent. This article is about two Syrians: a former smuggler and a child-labourer.

“After earning $800,000 in 2015 by sneaking migrants out of Turkey, a smuggler says he has left the guilt and complications of his business behind — mostly. And a Syrian refugee boy, homeless and out of school, must keep roaming the country to find farm work and help his family survive.”

Search and rescue operation for three refugees who allegedly tried to reach Chios swimming

Via Era-Aegean (Translated from Greek) – On Monday evening, the Greek coast guards were engaged in an operation to search and rescue three refugees who allegedly tried to swim from the Turkish shores to the island of Chios. The rescue operation took place close to the island Paspargos and Karfas. A helicopter was involved but the rescue operation remained without success. The three people could not be found.

The Greek authorities informed the Turkish Coast Guards regarding the three refugees, so that the latter proceeds to similar operations in the Turkish territorial waters.