Turkey’s ‘special refugees’

Via Open Democracy (from 16th April) – Nil Mutluer on the western gaze on Turkish politics and those fleeing its consequences:

“In Turkey’s story, the western gaze is searching for new victims. Yes, I fled Turkey with my three year old daughter, but am I that victim? Well, I am a ‘scholar at risk’, that much is true enough. Although I have been active in various feminist and human rights circles and have been working on issues regarding democratization for almost two decades, I have officially gained that status thanks to one modest political act in a whole lifetime: I joined over a thousand other colleagues – Academics for Peace – in signing a peace petition, “We will not be a Party to This Crime”, which called on the Turkish state to cease its accelerating violence in the Kurdish provinces and respect domestic and international laws. Continue reading Turkey’s ‘special refugees’

Deportation center in Izmir: Refugees are crying for help – What’s happening!?

Via Gazete Karinca (Link in Turkish) – The Turkish NGO, Halkların Köprüsü Derneği (HKD), held a press statement on May 6, 2017 in order to draw attention to the outrageous conditions that the refugees detained in Harmandalı Deportation Center in İzmir were exposed. After the news footage of the refugees in the Center crying for help reflected in the press, a number of NGOs, including HKD moved to inspect the Center and yet, were refused to a permission of entry. The lawyers’ entry to inspect the conditions of refugees was also prevented by the Governorship of İzmir.

Hungerstrike in Solidarity with Dismissed teachers and academics in Turkey

Laut dem Bericht der Human Rights Joint Platform sind nach dem Militärputschversuch zwischen dem 21. Juli 2016 und 20. April 2017 123.518 Beamte per Dekret entlassen worden. Am 29. April wurde ein neues Dekret veröffentlicht. Die Zahl ist größer geworden. Die Entlassenen dürfen nicht mehr im Staasdienst tätig sein.

Akademikerin Nuriye Gülmen und Lehrer Semih Özakça, die täglich seit 177 Tagen gegen ihre Entlassung, für die Aufhebung ihres widerrechtlichen und ungeregechten Arbeitsverbots, in Ankara protestieren. Sie sind zusätzlich seit 57 Tagen in den unbefristeten Hungerstreik getreten.

Wir, Mitglieder von Academics for Peace, werden für die Solidarität mit Nuriye Gülmen und Semih Özakça in den Hungerstrike treten.

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Greece paying asylum seekers to reject appeals

Via EU Observer – The Greek government is giving cash incentives for rejected asylum seekers on the islands to forgo their legal rights to appeal their cases. Some €1,000 and free plane tickets home are now part of a largely EU-financed package to send them packing as quickly as possible.

The money is part of the pre-existing programme but the decision to deny people who appeal their cases to the funds was recently made by the Greek ministry of migration policy.

Greek Hotspots: EU Ombudsman must investigate conduct of the European Asylum Support Office

Via ECCHR – The work of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) on the Greek Islands not only lacks a legal basis, it also fails to respect core standards of fairness. This is the conclusion of the ECCHR after analyzing a series of admissibility interviews conducted by EASO officers at the “Hotspots” in Greece. ECCHR has therefore submitted a complaint against EASO to the European Ombudsman requesting the suspension of EASO’s involvement in admissibility interviews and the limitation of its activities to conduct not in breach of EU law.