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On the hunger strike of Kurdish refugees in Lesvos

Via Are You Syrious – One refugee was rushed to the hospital with first symptoms of dehydration on the third day of the hunger strike in Moria, Lesvos. The twelve Syrian hunger strikers are neither eating nor drinking. The Legal Centre Lesbos says they have been in Moria for up to ten months and are protesting the rejection of their applications on admissibility grounds, as the administration claims Turkey is a “safe country”. The centre also notes that eleven of them are Kurdish and could be deported to Turkey, where Kurds are “systematically persecuted and repressed”. One of the hunger strikers is an unaccompanied minor and should be excempt from the procedure, but doesn’t have a way to prove his age. They also criticize their inability to move from Lesvos to the mainland. Continue reading On the hunger strike of Kurdish refugees in Lesvos

Deportations, more deportations and arbitray detention…What’s going on on Lesvos

The NoBorder Kitchen Lesvos published a report on the situation in Lesvos with a focus on deportation to Turkey and ‘voluntary’ returns supported by IOM to countries of origin:

In the last weeks the repression on Lesvos continues. There have been more forced deportations to Turkey and the asylum procedure is still a tangle of bureaucratic nightmares, especially for people from certain nationalities. This situation creates a great hopelessness. Many peoples mental health is getting worse and a lot of people sign for a so called „voluntary return” to their home countries as their only option to get out of this island and not spend months in prison in Turkey. Continue reading Deportations, more deportations and arbitray detention…What’s going on on Lesvos

Preparing for More – European ›Border Control‹ in the Backdrop of the New Migration Law in Turkey

By Fritz Rickert. Originally published in movements 3 (1) . Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies

This article analyses the background of measures taken at the EU-Turkey border that were part of the EU-Turkey deal in 2016 or came along with the latter. In doing so, it examines the new Turkish Law on Foreigners and International Protection and takes a closer look at its development. Hereby, the paper shows on the one hand that this national law was strongly influenced by the EU and that it constitutes an EU-orientated and often repressive migration policy in Turkey itself as well as at its borders. On the other hand, the text makes clear that the enforcement of the measures at the Turkish-European borders since 2016 would not have been possible without the establishment of this law on foreigners. To summarize, these current attempts at sealing European borders are not just the outcome of negotiations between the EU and Turkey in 2015, but rather a continuation of a long standing engagement of the EU with Turkey in order to control and decrease migration to Europe. Continue reading Preparing for More – European ›Border Control‹ in the Backdrop of the New Migration Law in Turkey

Call for the immediate Freedom for Gabriele Del Grande

We support the call for the immediate Freedom for Gabriele del Grande published by borderline-europe, borderline Sicilia Onlus and other anti-racist initiatives from Sicily:

We express our deep concern regarding the events which have effected the Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande since April 10th. He remains detained by Turkish authorities in a detention centre for foreigners on the border with Syria. Gabriele was arrested for breaching an administrative law, following which Turkey wanted to deport him.

Continue reading Call for the immediate Freedom for Gabriele Del Grande


The Migrant Solidarity Network Ankara published a statement regarding the arrest of Gabriele del Grande in Hatay at the Syrian-Turkish border. Del Grande is a critical journalist, filmmaker and most importantly a fellow activists advocating for migrant rights:

“Gabriele Del Grande is an Italian freelance journalist. He is the founder of the blog Fortress Europe, where he documents facts, data and stories about the thousands of migrants arrested, deported or dead in the attempt to reach Fortress Europe. In 2014, he made the documentary “On The Bride’s Side” (“Gelin Tarafı”, “Io Sto Con La Sposa”). The film tells the real story of five Palestinian and Syrian refugees who landed in Lampedusa and then staged a fake marriage in order to reach Sweden. Gabriele launched a solidarity call once again, but this time he is in need of solidarity. Continue reading #OnGabriele’sSide

Turkey says could suspend EU migrant deal if no progress on visas

Via Reuters – Turkey could re-evaluate or suspend all agreements under its migration deal with the European Union if the bloc does not give a positive response on visa-free travel for Turks, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday.

The Turkish government agreed in early 2016 to help curb a flood of migrants into Europe from its territory, in return for visa-free travel for Turks to Europe. But Brussels first wants Ankara to modify anti-terrorism laws that it says are too broad.

In an interview with broadcaster A Haber, Cavusoglu said the migrant deal and visa liberalization were a package.