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Greece sends 70 refugees back to Turkey (link in German) – A vessel from the European border agency Frontex brought 70 refugees from the Greek island Lesvos to the turkish town Dikili. It’s the first big repatriation since the EU deal with Turkey from April.
According to the Greek ministry for citizens protection the refugees were all men, 50 of them from Pakistan and other from Sri Lanka, Algeria and Morocco. They either didn’t apply for Asylum or they Asylum application had been rejected.

Turkey blocks Syrian refugees from resettlement in the US – for having degrees

The Guardian – Turkish officials argue the most vulnerable deserve priority resettlement. Some question whether a degree makes refugees less vulnerable.

More than 1,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey have been blocked from resettlement in the US and other countries because they have university qualifications. The refugees were approved for resettlement by American officials, before being blocked – sometimes just days before their departure date – by the Turkish authorities.


KAOS GL – The report entitled “Tekin Olmayı Beklerken: LGBTI Mültecilerin Ara Durağı Türkiye” which was prepared by Kaos GL Association reveals life of Iranian refugees in Turkey.  While the report focuses on the daily life, access to the fundamental rights, and discrimination in governmental agencies and society, it is emphasized that LGBT refugees are exposed to physical and oral violence and harassment.