Call for the immediate Freedom for Gabriele Del Grande

We support the call for the immediate Freedom for Gabriele del Grande published by borderline-europe, borderline Sicilia Onlus and other anti-racist initiatives from Sicily:

We express our deep concern regarding the events which have effected the Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande since April 10th. He remains detained by Turkish authorities in a detention centre for foreigners on the border with Syria. Gabriele was arrested for breaching an administrative law, following which Turkey wanted to deport him.

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The Migrant Solidarity Network Ankara published a statement regarding the arrest of Gabriele del Grande in Hatay at the Syrian-Turkish border. Del Grande is a critical journalist, filmmaker and most importantly a fellow activists advocating for migrant rights:

“Gabriele Del Grande is an Italian freelance journalist. He is the founder of the blog Fortress Europe, where he documents facts, data and stories about the thousands of migrants arrested, deported or dead in the attempt to reach Fortress Europe. In 2014, he made the documentary “On The Bride’s Side” (“Gelin Tarafı”, “Io Sto Con La Sposa”). The film tells the real story of five Palestinian and Syrian refugees who landed in Lampedusa and then staged a fake marriage in order to reach Sweden. Gabriele launched a solidarity call once again, but this time he is in need of solidarity. Continue reading #OnGabriele’sSide

Turkey says could suspend EU migrant deal if no progress on visas

Via Reuters – Turkey could re-evaluate or suspend all agreements under its migration deal with the European Union if the bloc does not give a positive response on visa-free travel for Turks, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday.

The Turkish government agreed in early 2016 to help curb a flood of migrants into Europe from its territory, in return for visa-free travel for Turks to Europe. But Brussels first wants Ankara to modify anti-terrorism laws that it says are too broad.

In an interview with broadcaster A Haber, Cavusoglu said the migrant deal and visa liberalization were a package.

Iranian LBT women due to be deported

Via KAOS GL – Turkish Supreme Court has exposed the “extra-judicial decision” by the Governor of Denizli on the deportation of Iranian LBT women. Because of their sexual orientation and religious beliefs, the Supreme Court suspended the deportation of six women from Turkey to Iran in 2014 and gave them permission to reside in Denizli with the decision of the Governor.

After being accused of working as escorts in 2017, the same Governor decided on the deportation of these women. They were placed in the Aydın Repatriation Center, were deportation proceedings have been carried out. The women have individually appealed and filed a lawsuit to cancel the Governor’s decision.

Syrian refugees in southern Turkish province struggle to live on side of road

Via Hurriyet Daily News – Syrian refugees in the southern province of Hatay are struggling to continue their lives on the side of the roads, as they have spent all of their money in attempting to cross illegally into Turkey.

The refugees in the Kırıkhan district of Hatay have now formed their own tent city and wish to obtain temporary IDs.  Continue reading Syrian refugees in southern Turkish province struggle to live on side of road

21 returns to Turkey, 205 new arrivals on Greek islands

Via News that Move – As the weather continues to improve, increased numbers of asylum seekers are crossing from Turkey to nearby Greek islands in the north Aegean Sea.

Meanwhile, on the 12th of April, 21 migrants were returned to Turkey under the EU-Turkey deal. They were sent to the coastal city of Dikeli from the Greek island of Lesvos. Four of those returned were from Pakistan, nine from Algeria, four from Bangladesh, two from Ghana, one from Afghanistan and one from Morocco. Continue reading 21 returns to Turkey, 205 new arrivals on Greek islands

EU: All NGOs to leave islands by 31st of July

Via News that Move – A Spanish NGO has reportedly rented a former clinic on the island of Chios just three months before they and other NGOs will be required to leave. Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario stated that they plan to use the premises as offices, along with providing space for other NGOs and opening a medical clinic to offer first aid to refugees and migrants on the island.

However, according to officials with the European Commission, all NGOs operating on north Aegean islands will be required to depart by the 31st of July. At that time, all migration issues on the islands will be taken over by the Greek government and local municipalities.

Frontex: 1.690 migrants reach Greece in March

Via Ekathimerini – A total of 1.690 migrants arrived on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands in March, up by almost a half from February but only 6 percent of the figure from a year ago, Frontex said Wednesday.

Syrians, Iraqis and Pakistanis accounted for a majority of the detections on the Eastern Mediterranean route, the EU’s border guard agency said.

After the route leading from the Turkish shores to Greece was shut down last year, the overall arrivals in the EU in the first quarter of the year have been about two-thirds lower than a year ago and stood at some 32,650 people.

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