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Tension breaks out in Lesvos public square over protesting Afghans

Via Ekathimerini  – Fresh tension broke out in the capital of Lesvos on Wednesday after a small group of Afghan asylum seekers attempted to set up camp on one of the island’s public squares in demand that they be transferred to the Greek mainland.

One Syrian died, one injured in fight around Konya

Via Hürriyet – In a rural district of Konya -Karapınar – one Syrian died and one was severely injured in an armed fight between Syrians and locals. Around 00:30 at night, three Turkish nationals, attacked two Syrian men sitting on the street, who according to the attackers had previously harrassed the sister of one of them. One of the attackers went home, took his hunting rifle and opened the fire on the two Syrians. With injuries in various parts of their bodies, they were taking to a hospital but for one of them all help came to late. He passed away.

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Vatandaşlık ve linç arasında – Between citizenship and lynching

The German-Turkish newspaper taz gazete on the public discourse on Syrian refugees in Turkey:

“The initial welcoming culture has long since been replaced by resentments and hate speech. The option of naturalization fuels the discussion on Syrian refugees.

In last week of July, the Turkish parliament received a draft law on the naturalization of migrants, of which especially Syrian refugees would profit. At the same time, hate towards refugees is growing in the Turkish society. In daily life, they are being racially haressed and instrumentalized by politicians according to their political agenda. In re-occuring situations of conflict with the EU, Erdoğan, who normally stages himself as the saviour of the ‘muslim brothers and sisters’, threatens to put all refugees in busses towards Europe.”

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Turkey arrests troops who beat Syrian refugees on video

Via Middle Eastern Eye – The Turkish army has arrested a group of soldiers who were filmed beating and verbally abusing a group of young Syrian refugees who attempted to illegally cross the border, it said late on Sunday.  In a statement posted on its website, the army said that “the personnel in question were taken into custody and all administrative and judicial procedures have been immediately started against them”. Continue reading Turkey arrests troops who beat Syrian refugees on video

Turks lash out in second summer of hate against Syrian refugees

Turkish military deaths in Syria and images of Syrians returning to their homeland for Eid spark violence and intimidation in Turkey

Via Middle East Eye – A hot summer has brought tempers to boiling point in Turkey, as hatred against its 2.9 million Syrian refugees spikes with Twitter campaigns, violence and even government ministers lashing out at their guests.

One Iraqi stabbed in brawl between locals, refugees in Ankara

Via Hurriyet Daily News – One Iraqi was stabbed in a brawl between locals and a group of Iraqis and Syrians in the Turkish capital Ankara on July 3, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. Tension rose due to unknown reasons between locals and Iraqis before an Iraqi Turkmen was stabbed during the brawl, and later taken to hospital in Ankara’s Yenimahalle district.

Following the brawl, several locals and the refugees were involved in another fight, in which seven Syrian and Iraqi Turkmens were injured. Locals living in Yenimahalle’s Demetevler neighborhood attacked workplaces and houses, where the refugees have settled after escaping from their war-torn countries, with sticks and stones. Continue reading One Iraqi stabbed in brawl between locals, refugees in Ankara