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IOM advicing Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian police in border control

IOM Turkey is training Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian police officers on how to examine travel documents and recognize fakes, in an obvious attempt to improve border controls and to stop increasing border crossings from Turkey in Greece and Bulgaria.

The (unseen) violent and forced push-backs on the Bulgarian-Turkish land border

Via Bordermonitoring Bulgaria – Last month (12th-14th February 2018) members of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament were present in Bulgaria to collect objective first-hand information on the Bulgarian-Turkish land border. After the visit Marie-Christine Vergiat, the leader of the committee mentioned the technique of the Bulgarian border guards who are calling the Turkish collegues to avoid an ‚official push-back‘, which would mean a violation against the Non-refoulement principle: Continue reading The (unseen) violent and forced push-backs on the Bulgarian-Turkish land border

MEPs visit Bulgaria to inspect Frontex operations at Turkish border

Via the Independent Balkan News Agency – Members of the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee are on a three-day visit to Bulgaria to see first-hand how Frontex operations work at the border with Turkey.

The MEPs are to visit the region of the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, where Frontex supports national authorities in carrying out border checks and gathering intelligence, the European Parliament said. Continue reading MEPs visit Bulgaria to inspect Frontex operations at Turkish border

257 undocumented migrants held across Turkey

Via Anadolu Agency* – At least 98 undocumented migrants were held by security forces across Turkey on Wednesday, according to officials.

In the southern province of Adana, 72 undocumented foreigners including 25 Afghan, 22 Pakistani, 20 Syrian, three Bangladeshi and two Nigerian nationals, were held by the police, a security source said on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media… Continue reading 257 undocumented migrants held across Turkey

Turkey Detained more than 500 Illegal Migrants who were Heading for Bulgaria and Greece

Via Novinite – Turkish border authorities detained 575 illegal migrants and refugees who were preparing to cross illegally to Bulgaria and Greece. This was announced by the Security Directorate of the city of Edirne, reports sega.

Some of the illegal migrants were hiding in the villages of Orhanie, Sarakapanar and Bosnokoy, not far from the Bulgarian border. The other group of migrants was hiding in Uzunkopru, Ipsala and Meric, in the immediate vicinity of the Greek border, the police message said. They then state that all detainees – from Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar – have been handed over to the migration authorities in the city of Edirne.

Traces of migration flow at the Bulgarian-Turkish border

Via Bordermonitoring Bulgaria – Yesterday, on the 20th of October 2017 the Defence Minister of Bulgaria Krassimir Karakachanov stated that ladders had been used to climb the fence at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. On the same day the minister said to BGNews that the fence is 100% finished and has to be “upgraded with relevant sensors [and] cameras“. Days before, photos were circulating in the Bulgarian media showing a large hole underneath the fence, which were leading to a bigger discussion in the Bulgarian parliament and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has called for the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov. Since 2016, the Bulgarian parliament voted for using the army at the Bulgarian borders to guard it, but since then it was used only partly.

refugees climbing the fence

Continue reading Traces of migration flow at the Bulgarian-Turkish border