Turkish Ministry of Interior announcement regarding recent news on Syrians

The Turkish Ministry of Interior published an announcement regarding the recent escalation of negative news coverage about Syrians, of which you can find an inofficial translation here:

‘Some of the press organs and social media accounts are wrongfully presenting the Syrian guests as “guilty of escalating crime”.

In recent years, instability in neighboring countries, civil war and terrorism triggered mass migration movements; and because of the deeply rooted history and religious ties between us, we have become the first door nation for those people who escape from persecution and death. … we are host to over 3 million Syrians who have escaped from a war. …

Since the beginning of the problem, our country has issued many security, shelter and arrangements, and has been trying to provide these people with a healthy way of daily life adaptation, and has introduced a more effective, modern and humanistic approach than other countries affected by immigration.

Our Syrian guests, inside and outside the camps, are registered and given “Temporary Protection Identity Certificate” after their fingerprints are taken and security inquiries are made.

The problems experienced among our Syrian guests and/or between our citizens are distorted and exaggerated in the news the last few days creating discomfort in society. The issue is desired to be moved to another dimension, not compatible with the spirit of hospitality, turning into a domestic political material.

On the contrary, when our Syrian guests’ crime and suicide rates are compared to the amounts given, the figures do not overlap with the publicly quoted figures. The ratio of the Syrians to the total number of crimes committed in Turkey is very small compared to the general crimes of our country, considering the total population in Turkey. The ratio of the incidents of the Syrians to the total number of public order incidents in Turkey is 1.32% per annum between 2014-2017. An important part of these events are events that originate from disputes between themselves. In addition, despite the increase in the number of Syrians, crime incidents committed by them has decreased 5% in the first six months of 2017 compared to the previous year.

… When this data is taken into consideration, it is clearly observed that the tensions experienced from time to time are to be scaled up in the public opinion. …’

You can find the original Turkish version of the announcement here