Sea-Watch on the hungerstrike in Moria, Lesvos

The German based organization Sea-Watch, who run a civil rescue ship off Libya to rescue migrants from unseaworthy boats, started a observation mission in the Aegean from which they are reporting on the hunger strike in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos. They interviewed Arash Hampay, the brother of Amir who is detained in Moria awaiting his deportation to Turkey, which they together with three others are protesting against.


Sea-Watch: “The Iranian activist Arash Hampay has been on hunger strike for eight days. He is demanding the release of all arbitrarily detained refugees and migrants from Section B in Moria, who are entirely innocent and being detained without charge. “I AM HUMAN. MY LIFE HAS A VALUE” read the signs of these men, who see the hunger strike as their last means of calling for humanity.

These are simple demands for universal human rights and a call to the EU to stop the arbitrary detntion of refugees and migrants.”