Daily Sabah accusing foreign NGO’s working in humantarian aid for refugees

Via Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah published an article accusing foreign NGO’s active in Turkey “trying to degenerate the culture of Syrian refugees”, by teaching their children “how to become free”. The author, Yunus Paksoy,  writes that “some vulnerable Syrians think that such foreign NGOs are being insensitive while others claim that they have a hidden agenda.”

As  Harekact editorial team, we find the content of this news very controversial, but we think it should be published in order to show the exclusionary discourse of some newspapers towards foreign NGOs in the country.

This should certainly be read in the framework of exacerbating opposition towards European and American organizations in the country. This is illustrated with the governmental decision to shut down Mercy Corps operations delivering aid from Turkey to Syria, in early March 2017.  

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