On the hunger strike of Kurdish refugees in Lesvos

Via Are You Syrious – One refugee was rushed to the hospital with first symptoms of dehydration on the third day of the hunger strike in Moria, Lesvos. The twelve Syrian hunger strikers are neither eating nor drinking. The Legal Centre Lesbos says they have been in Moria for up to ten months and are protesting the rejection of their applications on admissibility grounds, as the administration claims Turkey is a “safe country”. The centre also notes that eleven of them are Kurdish and could be deported to Turkey, where Kurds are “systematically persecuted and repressed”. One of the hunger strikers is an unaccompanied minor and should be excempt from the procedure, but doesn’t have a way to prove his age. They also criticize their inability to move from Lesvos to the mainland.

This is their latest statement:

STATEMENT by the hunger strikers in Moria on 23 April:We are 12 Syrian Kurds. We started our hunger strike on 21…

Опубликовано Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa 23 апреля 2017 г.

Meanwhile, the Pope, while talking about last year’s visit to Lesbos, compared some of Europe’s refugee camps to “concentration camps”, given “the great number of people left there inside them”.