Syrian Students face illegal detention in Turkey

Via Rami Jarrah – On the 17th of March 2017, Faisal Ibsata 26, and Abdel Salam Salem 21, were both detained by Turkish security forces at the Turkish immigration office in Gaziantep (Goc idaresi). Both were at the center to renew their residence permits when the incident took place.

No reasons were given for the detainments and the families of both remain in the dark regarding their loved ones fate.

On the 24th of April they went on hunger-strike demanding that their rights are respected, they also expressed their hope that communities would mobilize in their support to apply pressure on the Turkish authorities to either release them or notify them of their charges.

Turkeys state of emergency has given way for the government to carry out what would usually be considered outrageous action, again no reasons have been given for their detention.

Please spread the word and make sure their voices resonate.