13 days old baby of Syrian family dies of hunger

Via T24 (Link in Turkish) – The baby of a Syrian family died of starvation 13 days after it was born. According to CNN Türk, the couple, Muhammad and Iman Kadah settled in Yalova, a city close to Istanbul, in the Musafa Kemal Paşa neighborhood. They build a makeshift house with planks of wood and plastic sheets with several families of asylum seekers and started to live there.

The mother tried to breastfeed her baby but it didn’t take the milk. They did not have the money to buy baby-food either. On the morning of the 28th June, the mother realized that her baby had died. The police that arrived to the scene had difficulties to communicate as the family did not speak Turkish. The baby was brought to the Yalova state hospital to examine the cause of the death.

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