Report on Syrian migrant in Istanbul textile sector

The Birleşik Metal İşçileri Sendikası (Metalworkers Union) published a report on Syrian migrants’ labour market. The study focuses on their situation in the textile sector in Istanbul.

Click here to proceed to the study, which is only available in Turkish. Following you can find a short abstract in English:

“In this study, the integration processes of the Syrian Arab Republic citizens to the Istanbul textile sector workforce/labour market, besides the main job seeking channels, wage differences and work experiences have been analysed. Following the intensification of the civil conflict in Syria after 2012, the number of Syrian refugees have risen to 2,7 million people, one fifth of them located in Istanbul. In that context, it is possible to argue that the Syrian refugee population in working age have been participating to the labour force in different sectors, thus creating an impact that cannot be overlooked. In this study, 600 questionnaires have been conducted with Turkish and Syrian textile workers in different districts of Istanbul where the textile manufacturing production is concentrated. With these questionnaires, a database is established which could shed light on to the processes of integration of the Syrian refugee labour. In that sense, with the findings of this work it is possible to make a broader analysis of the impact of the Syrian workers on the labour market in textile sector in Istanbul.”