Migrant’s Body Recovered from Evros River

Via Greek Reporter – The body of a 20-25 year-old migrant, possibly African, was recovered from the waters of River Evros on the Greek-Turkish borders. The dead body was located by police officers on Thursday afternoon, inside the river.

Coroner Pavlos Pavlidis said to Athens Macedonian News Agency, that it is too soon to estimate the time and day of the death, due to its long stay in the water and the advanced state of decomposition.

He said that seven more indentified bodies, probably all of migrants that attempted to cross the river, are in the mortuary refrigerators.

“I can keep the bodies in the university’s refrigerators for approximately 4 to 5 months, but if there are indications that the body may be recognised then we can keep it up to six months,” said Pavlidis.

The article was originally published by Greek Reporter