Greece gives asylum to fled Turkish soldier

Via Die Welt (Link in German) – A Turkish soldier who fled to Greece after the failed coup attempt in mid-2016 has received asylum. As reported on Saturday from legal circles, it is the copilot of a helicopter, which landed on 16 July 2016 with a total of eight Turkish soldiers in the northern Greek border town of Alexandropoulis. After sharp criticism from Ankara, the Greek government requested a cancellation of the asylum decision in the late evening.The asylum committee granted the asylum on Friday evening. According to judicial sources, it referred to reports from human rights groups and the Council of Europe where it states that human rights have been systematically violated in Turkey since the failed coup of 15 July. In case of delivery, the copilot would be in danger. Moreover, there is no single evidence of involvement of the man in the coup attempt. The decision to grant asylum to the remaining seven Turkish soldiers will be decided in the coming weeks.