‘Musaferat’ on the last month on the prison island Lesvos

Musaferat – a collective active on Lesvos against the deportation practise – published an insightful summary of the events during the last month on Lesvos. From the unbearable living conditions in Moria, iltreatment of minor refugees, deportations and ‘voluntary returns’ and policy violence against protests.


“The period of time that followed the previous update has been tense in every sense of the word. The expectedly increased autumn arrivals, combined with the Greek state policy of caging the migrants on the islands, have brought back to life images of living hell in the detention centres of the islands. Local racist and fascist voices, freed from the “compassionate” gaze of summer visitors, found once more the time and place to impose on public space. Local authorities decided to reshuffle the deck, claiming the major political benefits that they could extract from the situation. Two new deaths were added to the already long list of deaths in the detention centres on the island. At the same time, once more, there were some migrants who, defying threats and repression, stood tall.”

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