Three young Pakistani migrants rescued with severe hypothermia risk losing limbs

Via Daily Sabah – Three Pakistani migrants, who were found in an eastern Turkish province, are facing the risk of losing their limbs after they suffered from hypothermia.

Hamza Muhammed Raju (12), Sajid Hajijan Muhammed (15) and Qasim Zahid (18) entered Turkey through Iran and wanted to go to Istanbul. However, the smuggler left three desperate teens in Aralık district of eastern Iğdır province.

The trio, who were taken to a hospital in Erzurum province after they were found by security forces on Sunday, are facing the risk of losing their limbs to frostbite.

“Our patients have been exposed to freezing cold when they were taken to our hospital by gendarme squads. Their general health conditions are fine; however, our examinations show that their fingers and feet may be amputated,” said Op. Dr. Mehmet Ozturk, head of the Burn Center in Erzurum Education and Research Hospital.

This article was published by Daily Sabah