Resentments against Syrians in Turkey: “Why are you not fighting?”

Turkish-German newspaper taz.gazete reported on Feb 23rd that since the operation olive branch, resentments against Syrians in Turkey are increasing again.

“When Heso arrived in Turkey, it were everyday encounters and dialogues that made his life difficult: “We were always asked: Why did you come to Turkey, why did not you fight?”. These questions decreased over the years. In order to persevere, they started a new life in Turkey with their families, says Heso.”

“But now racist rhetoric is again omnipresent: on the streets, in the supermarket, on public transport: “Since the Afrin offensive we are again confronted with discriminatory statements as in the beginning. Now they are saying: ‘We are fighting in your place.’ ” says Heso. They, the Syrian refugee, are now back at the beginning. The discourse is changing, but its always the same people that are being addressed: the Syrians.”

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