Kurdish Refugees Walk Out of Greek Camp After Violent Clashes

Via Refugees Deeply – Hundreds of Kurdish refugees have left an overcrowded refugee center after violent incidents last week, saying they no longer feel safe there.

Fighting reportedly broke out between Kurdish and Arab refugees held at Moria camp over Kurds’ non-observance of the Ramadan fast. At least six people were injured.

Tensions have been exacerbated by poor conditions and overcrowding – more than 7,000 people are living in a facility meant for 3,000.

Around 800 Kurds marched out of the camp and rejected entreaties to return. Some have set up camp near another refugee center or sought shelter with a local NGO.Others are camping in squares and parks, to the chagrin of local authorities who are trying to contain local opposition to refugees being warehoused on the islands.

These news was published as part of an Executive Summary by Refugees Deeply