Nobody Migrates Without a Reason!

The Migrant Solidarity Kitchen, the Migrant Solidarity Network – Ankara and Hamisch – Istanbul Syrian Cultural House issued a statement saying:

Nobody Migrates Without a Reason!

Zero Tolerance for Anti-Immigrant Policies!

In Solidarity with our friends from these initiatives and migrants in Turkey we say #notoantimmigrantpolicies #gocmenkarsitisiyasetegecityok

** English Version (17th June) ** Turkish and Arabic below **

Since the announcement of early elections on 18th of April, electoral campaigns have brought together thousands of people in different cities and squares across the country.

One of the frequently-heard campaign promises during these meetings and rallies has been the promise to send migrants back home, which is the reason why we have decided to make this statement and launch this campaign.

Resettled throughout the region as a result of either war or political and economic reasons, migrants strive to build new lives. Thus, we condemn all attempts to forcibly send migrants back to their counties of origin without their consent. We reject this discriminatory mentality which aims to strip individuals of their basic human rights. We call on all who are committed to defending the human rights of everyone who lives in this region to stand against the rise of discriminatory and anti-immigrant discourses and politics during the parliamentary and presidential elections and to defend the right of everyone, regardless of citizenship status, to live freely in their place of choice.

We invite everyone who is against hate and discrimination to participate in this twitter action under the hashtag of #notoantimmigrantpolicies

Nobody Migrates Without a Reason!
For a world without borders, exploitation, nations and exile!

Göçmen Dayanışma Mutfağı
Göçmen Dayanışma Ağı – Ankara
Hamiş – Istanbul Suriye Kültür Evi