Number of Migrants, Refugees Trapped on Greek Islands Reaches New High

Via Greek Reporter – A total of 17,771 migrants and refugees are in reception and registration centers as well as other structures on the five Greek islands that host asylum seekers, new data show.

The new figures released by the Ministry of the Interior show that Lesvos is the island that is dealing with the majority of the migrant inflow, with 9,472 refugees and migrants in various places.

Reception centers on Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Leros currently host 14,567 people, despite the total capacity of all being 6,338 people. The remaining 3,204 are staying out in the open.

More specifically, on Lesbos there are 9,472 refugees and migrants; on Chios 2,054; on Samos 3,887; on Leros 1,045; on Kos 1,199; while 114 are placed on other islands.

Daily arrivals continue, with 234 refugees and migrants arriving in one day: (54 on Lesvos, 76 on Chios, 47 on Samos and 57 on Oinousses), while on the same day 77 people were transferred to the mainland.

This article was published on Greek Reporter