Greece gives asylum to fled Turkish soldier

Via Die Welt (Link in German) – A Turkish soldier who fled to Greece after the failed coup attempt in mid-2016 has received asylum. As reported on Saturday from legal circles, it is the copilot of a helicopter, which landed on 16 July 2016 with a total of eight Turkish soldiers in the northern Greek border town of Alexandropoulis. After sharp criticism from Ankara, the Greek government requested a cancellation of the asylum decision in the late evening. Continue reading Greece gives asylum to fled Turkish soldier

Information on what to do in case of Interceptions or Readmission/ Deportation to Turkey

Welcome2Europe updated their information on Turkey and added information for migrants who have been intercepted back to Turkey at sea or land and for those who have been readmitted/deported to Turkey from Greece.

For now the information are available in English. Arabic, Farsi and French will follow soon.

Click here for the PDF version

On the Situation in Moria, Lesvos – Open the Islands

OpenTheIslands video on the unbearable situation in the EU-hotspot Moria on Lesvos. Winter is approaching and thousands of refugees are still trapped in the horrible conditions of Moria

#opentheislands NOW!

Watch, Share, Act!Winter is here… and still thousands of refugees are trapped in the horrible conditions of Moria camp Lesvos.

Posted by Opentheislands on Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

Serbia Ignores UN and Extradites Kurd to Turkey

Via Balkan Insights – Serbia has extradited a Kurdish activist, Cevdet Ayaz, to Turkey, despite the UN Committee Against Torture saying Serbia should not forcibly remove him until procedures before this body ended.

“His brother called me this morning from Istanbul and told me he got information from the police station that Ayaz was extradited,” his lawyer, Ana Trkulja, said on Tuesday.  Continue reading Serbia Ignores UN and Extradites Kurd to Turkey

Unrealisable promises? #OpenTheIslands Lesvos Update (11.12.2017)

OpenTheIslands Network – The situation for refugees in Lesvos remains critical. As weather conditions worsen and winter approaches, Moria camp still ‘houses’ three times more people than capacity allows. With a capacity of around 2300 people, Moria camp now has almost 7000 people inside. From the promised 5000 transfers to the mainland until December 15th only a few hundred actually happened so far. If and how it will be possible to transfer several thousand people in the next five days is a questions yet to be answered.IMG-20171127-WA0008 Continue reading Unrealisable promises? #OpenTheIslands Lesvos Update (11.12.2017)

On forced and second marriage of Syrian women in Turkey

Deutsche Welle in Turkish reports about the issue of forced and second marriage of Syrian women in Turkey, a phenomenon which started to be widespread in Turkey. A website called “Syrian Women” is giving advice to Turkish men on how to find and marry Syrian women.

“Syrian women wanting to marry – what are Syrian women like? – how are Syrian women dressed?” The website is full of sexist stereotypes of women, who had to migrate from Syria Turkey:

“Syrian women are delicate beings like our women. The number of  young men who want to get married to Syrian women has increased and the desire of married men who want to be with Syrian women has increased as well. Since Syrian women do not set official marriage conditions, men can start living with them”.

Continue reading On forced and second marriage of Syrian women in Turkey