UNHCR data on returns from Greece

UNHCR data on returns from Greece published by the Ankara Initiative for Migration Studies:

[UNHCR]: Returns from Greece to Turkey: The UNHCR’s recent short report reveals interesting results with respect to the refugee/asylum seeker* returns from Greece to Turkey as part of the EU-Turkey Statement:
  • The number of total returns amounts to 1583 within the last two years. (91%: Men, 5%: Children, 4%: Women)
  • Around 41 % of these returns are from Afghanistan followed by the Syrians with 17 percent.
  • “47 % did not express a will to apply for asylum or withdrew their will to apply for asylum or withdrew their asylum claims in Greece.” In other words, they wanted to stay in Turkey or lost their eagerness/hopes to be back in Greece and the EU. [Read the 1-page report]
*: The UNCHR seems to be deliberately avoiding the terms such as refugees, asylum seekers or migrants while mentioning these returned people in its document.